Clare-Anne O’Brien’s cuddly poufs

We spotted Claire-Anne O’Brien‘s chunky knitted poufs at Tent London. They look like big voluptuous perfectly iced cakes you want to hug.

Rather than fancy patterns, the knitting pattern does the talking on these delicious poufs in a range of soft, of the moment colours. Originally from Ireland, but now a fellow East Londoner,  everything is knitted by skilled homeworkers in the UK and using only natural fibres. Nothing polyester about these cuddly lovelies.

Images. Claire-Anne O’Brien
Via. Tent London

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Lily Octavia’s lasting scents

An old teacher of mine used to wear Poison perfume, so overwhelming that I’ve always hated it since. It had such a distinct bottle, everyone knew if witches wore perfume, they would wear Poison.

Women often marry scents, we find one we love and we stick to it like a loyal lover for years, and this is why we like Lily Octavia‘s latest project which displays memories on porcelain perfume bottles. There is room in the world for all sorts of scents (see Joey Essex‘s Ream ~ :o\) but we love that Octavia sees through to what a woman’s perfume can really mean. A new Brighton graduate with a lasting future.

Images. Lily Octavia
Via. Traces

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Bethan Gray’s curvy marble marvel

We know Bethan Gray is a safe pair of hands, she’s won a long (perfectly crafted) shelf of awards and is snuggled in the comfortable arms of everybody’s favourite uncle John Lewis.

But it’s the carve table collection with furniture developer Thomas Turner as Gray & Turner (G&T) that has got us all giddy like a love struck teenager. The solid marble, the perfectly carved legs, it’s a side table marvel and we’re saving up. Sometimes it’s the beauty in the simplicity, that gets you all excited.

Images. Bethan Gray

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Get cosy with Louise Tiler

Considering Louise Tiler only graduated last year from Leeds College of Art there’s a maturity to her work that would make you think she’s been at it for ages. Whilst still fresh her wallpapers would look as at home in my folks Georgian country pad or our East London flat, with particular soft spots for the  birdsong wallpaper and floral twine lampshade.

As regular visitors will know, we’ve been fans of all things bird and British for ages, but it’s the timeless quality from such a young heart, that makes her collection so special. Makes us feel like staying in…

Images. Louise Tiler

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Jessica Light’s tassles

We really want some of Jessica Light‘s tassles. Is it because they are handmade in her East London workshop using methods dating back to the 15th Century? Or that she’s come along way from a BA in Textile Design at Trent Poly?  Or that she introduced us to the word Passementerie? We’re not sure, but we really want Jessica Light’s tassles. If she’s too busy doing cool tassle things for Vivienne Westwood, Kylie Minogue or Buckingham Palace, then you can get your tassles with her diffusion range at her shop.

Images. Jessica Light

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We heart Kate Moss

From the early days of Corinne Day to the latest from Tim Walker. We love Kate Moss because she’s from Croydon and she’s as cool as Fonzie, man. That is all.

Images. Tim Walker

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A stitch in time: Fine Cell Work

A regular visitor to HMP Holloway Women’s Prison, the late Lady Anne Tree believed 2 things, that prison was often “a terrible waste of time…” and that needlepoint can be “a meditative way of thinking, of taking stock.” `

This was the beginning of Fine Cell Work, a charity and social business that trains UK male and female prisoners in skilled and creative needlework to build discipline and self-esteem.  The inmates learn purpose and patience and being paid for their work (37% of the profit) allows them to support family outside prison and learn the financial value of hard work.

I initially stumbled across Fine Cell Work over a year ago,  the website was a little rough round the edges with a handful of very charming cushions and some one off pieces. They’ve now really upped their game with a polished site, more sophisticated product range and a solid story.

Images. Fine Cell Work

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Our London 2012 design heroes: Barber & Osgerby, HelloVon & Jonathan Glynn-Smith

You may have forgotten the fuss surrounding the launch of the logo,  missed the official Olympics 2012 posters or ignored graffiti artist MauMau‘s controversial Clown Town, but you can’t help but notice how London 2012 has been supported by a wealth of design treats by many of the UK’s finest creatives.

For us it started with the torch, as we’ve always loved Barber & Osgerby‘s stuff so we’re thrilled that their torch was such a triumph. We loved seeing HelloVon’s Paralympic Games illustrations on the tube and were moved by Director Tom Tagholm‘s powerful Meet the Superhumans for Channel 4.  There’s been bundles of good shots of Team GB, but I think it’s fashion glossy favourite and Londoner Jonathan Glynn-Smith that really captures the stars of the games at their super finest.

All homegrown and bang on top of their game in the build up to a very good-looking Olympics.
We heart London 2012.

Images. Jonathan Glynn-Smith

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Igor Emmerich’s Everyday Olympics

We’ve all done it… you watch the Rythmic Gymnastics and then resist the temptation to grab loo roll/tea towel/scarf (in order of preference) and twirl it round the living room or have a quick roly poly.

Igor Emmerich is a solid portrait and lifestyle photographer, fresh and unpretentious with a long list of big gun clients. But it’s his personal stuff that we really like and the Everyday Olympics is especially charming… complete with instructions, an ongoing peak into how you can take part at home, with fly swatting tennis and office basketball above. Wishing you’d thought of it before? Yeah me too.

Get your roly poly on…

Images. Igor Emmerich

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Somethings don’t change in East London…

You don’t have to live in East London to notice that there’s an awful lot of stuff going on round here at the moment. Some of it for the good, as all the bus stops seem to have scrubbed up rather well… but some of it for the not so good, such as the missiles on roof tops.

To remind us of where we’ve been and what we’ve seen, Dazed Digital has been growing a charming project called the Secret History of East London where we can share memories or insight into how East London used to be. I just posted mine (above) about my beloved local The Palm Tree. Right time, right place… well done Dazed.

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