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What do you mean you don't have a delicate rolling stream of clear water in your back garden?
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Growing Watercress

10 Jul Growing Watercress


What do you mean you don’t have a delicate rolling stream of clear water in your back garden?

It never occurred to me that you could grow watercress so easily in a pot, but last year I sprinkled some in an old copper pot that used to belong to my Great Aunt Joan (essential part of the story) and it flourished.

Not only did it grow really easily, but pests don’t seem to be bothered by it at all… So there’s no brushing off green fly or swearing at slugs. Just keep it well watered and in a couple of months you’ll have a big powerful pot of peppery goodness.

Things I know about WATERCRESS

Use a relatively shallow pot and holey – I’m putting my consistent watercress success down to the pot, as it has a massive crack in the bottom.
Be generous with the seeds, in fact don’t even think about it and cover lightly.
It’s not called watercress for no reason, keep it wet or sitting in a tray of water. Water now and forever.
The more you pick it, it will reward you with more green stuff and less flowering.

Make stuff with watercress

Green Stuff with Pearl Barley
Watercress Frittata, Salmon and Horseradish Cream


So green
By the mountain stream”
Charles Henderson 

Green stuff with pearl barley
Garden heroes: Star Jasmine
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