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The Vegetable Gardener & the Juicer

20 Sep The Vegetable Gardener & the Juicer


You’ll use it for a bit and then it’ll be shoved in the cupboard, they said.
Next to the spiralizer and the Nutribullet, they said.

Well, I’ve got news!

I do use my juicer, and it’s never been busier than it is at the moment.

As a veg gardener, I feel like this is our time. The time of the year when the hard work means regular harvests and satisfying meals thinking “I grew that… and that”.

With the apple tree nearly toppling over with apples (it actually is, as I didn’t stake it properly) and my cucumbers swelling up like marrows, it’s a very good time to dust off that juicer.

These juices aren’t based on any nutritionally knowledge, they’re based on what I have in abundance now, what my man will drink and googling. My general rule is, if it’s green (and not from the onion family) you can juice it, add ginger and lime and bobs your uncle. But for the purposes of being a bit more helpful and appear to know what I’m talking about, I’ve selected a few of my favourites.

The Massive Cucumber Juice


No matter how hard you look there’s always that one huge cucumber hidden round some corner, that’s swelling up like no tomorrow and probably 99% water. Well this is for you. Actually with all it’s B vitamins, a cucumber will give you more natural energy and hydration than any can of sugar. Also good for hangovers.

1/2 big or 1 small cucumber
2 apples
Mint leaves
1/2 lemon

Cucumbers are really handy for juicing. Most juice recipes include celery, but my garden space is too precious to grow celery, so I often substitute with cucumber and never miss it, well who does miss celery, eh?


The Feel Good Kale Juice


I love kale, but despite netting I’ve struggled this year to keep the bugs off it’s tempting leaves, so I sometimes use watercress to bump it up a bit. This is my favourite juice. It feels good. If I’m feeling really serious, I add Spirulina powder as I don’t eat meat so need all the protein I can get.

6 large kale leaves (or watercress)
2 apples
1 lime
Big knob of ginger
Spiralina (optional)


The Messy One

If I buy juice, I often choose one with beetroot in as it’s a bugger to juice as it makes such a mess and we have a small kitchen. But it is one of the healthiest juices going, so worth it if you have lots of beets and want to run like an Olympian.

1 beet (If it’s straight from the garden I leave the leaves on)
3 carrots
1 small cucumber
1 lime
Small knob of ginger


The Healthy Bloody Mary

I was curious to try this as I love a bloody mary and it’s a good use of those tomatoes which are passed their best. Don’t expect it to taste overly of tomatoes like a normal one, it’s much lighter but the cayenne pepper still gives it a good kick.

3 large tomatoes
1 small cucumber
1 lemon
Cayenne pepper


“For happy health, fuel yourself with dreams and greens.”
Terri Guillemets




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