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Franklyn & Vincent is a few casual peeks from my kitchen garden beginnings and home maker dreams in a small terrace house in East London.
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15 May
Hail the mighty kale!

After a few years of being a one-type-of-kale-woman, I went all out this year and planted five different types of kale. I know. Kale is one of my most used veg in the garden and variety is the spice of life 'n all that. So I...

03 Feb
Dreaming of spring…

I've poured through the seed catalogues, treated myself to new seed trays, so let the planting begin. Many of the seeds are now under soil, so it's pretty much wishful thinking and lots of fussing until I get seedlings strong enough to go into pots. Even...

04 Oct
Fruit + Veg Fails

Mostly I've had a cracking growing season this year, I've eaten the best tomatoes of my life, the carrots were amazing and the apple tree is going from strength to strength. A lot of gardening is wishful thinking, bringing a mixture of success and failures, but there...

20 Sep
The Vegetable Gardener & the Juicer

You'll use it for a bit and then it'll be shoved in the cupboard, they said. Next to the spiralizer and the Nutribullet, they said. Well, I've got news! I do use my juicer, and it's never been busier than it is at the moment. As a veg gardener, I feel...