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My Favourite Way to Eat Homegrown Tomatoes

29 Sep My Favourite Way to Eat Homegrown Tomatoes


Tomato season is coming to end in our garden and it’s been a whopper! Infact, I’m gonna go out on limb and say I’ve eaten the best tasting tomatoes of my life.

I know!

I make no secret of my tomato obsession and there’s only one way to really celebrate them in my book and that’s with one big fat posh burrata and a simple pesto or salsa verde.

If I’ve taken the time to grow something I want to be able to taste it, so this recipe is partly simple because I am, but also because I believe it’s the best way to eat the good stuff we grow.

We’ve had this a couple of times over the summer and with autumn setting in, it’s a great time to pat yourself on the back and give one final nod to all the fussing and time it’s taken to grow them.



Your best, juiciest tomatoes
Green soft herbs ~ Anything like sage, thyme, basil, parsley
Olive Oil, Lemon + Mustard
Salt + Pepper



Chop garlic and add salt and oil to a pestle and mortar and bash.
Chop all the herbs as finely as you can be bothered and put in the bowl and bash further until it’s a bit mushy.
Add the chopped capers, mustard, lemon and oil until it can be poured, then season well.
Cut tomatoes and rip burrata, then pour over your salsa verde.


“For happy health, fuel yourself with dreams and greens.”
Terri Guillemets



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