Get cosy with Louise Tiler • Franklyn + Vincent
Franklyn & Vincent is a few casual peeks from my kitchen garden beginnings and home maker dreams in a small terrace house in East London.
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Get cosy with Louise Tiler

17 Sep Get cosy with Louise Tiler


Considering Louise Tiler only graduated last year from Leeds College of Art there’s a maturity to her work that would make you think she’s been at it for ages. Whilst still fresh her wallpapers would look as at home in my folks Georgian country pad or our East London flat, with particular soft spots for the  birdsong wallpaper and floral twine lampshade.

As regular visitors will know, we’ve been fans of all things bird and British for ages, but it’s the timeless quality from such a young heart, that makes her collection so special. Makes us feel like staying in…

Images. Louise Tiler

Bethan Gray's curvy marble marvel
Jessica Light's tassles
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