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Franklyn & Vincent is a few casual peeks from my kitchen garden beginnings and home maker dreams in a small terrace house in East London.
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Dreaming of spring…

03 Feb Dreaming of spring…


I’ve poured through the seed catalogues, treated myself to new seed trays, so let the planting begin.

Many of the seeds are now under soil, so it’s pretty much wishful thinking and lots of fussing until I get seedlings strong enough to go into pots. Even if you have a huge allotment, I imagine you still have to think strategically about what you want to grow, but I think even more so when you have very limited space.

My strategy is not so much to grow enough to be self-sufficient as I don’t have the room, so it’s much more about growing varieties I can’t readily buy in the supermarket or food that tastes much better homegrown. That’s why as much as I eat potatoes, celery, carrots and cucumbers, I’m not growing any this year as frankly, they don’t make me as happy as eating a homegrown tomato or looking at a planter stuffed full of fancy-looking kale.

I also have a risky strategy this year, as many of the varieties I haven’t grown before. Next year I’ll play it safer and grow some of my fail-safe favourites, but with so many different kinds out there… I want to grow them all! It’s so exciting seeing a new variety in the garden and tasting it for the first time, I can’t help myself.

Be very interesting to see how many of these make it to the plate

~ Planted in January/February ~


Blue Bayou ~ Navy blue and purple, start early as they take time to ripen.
Ferline F1 Hybrid ~ Heavy cropper and full flavoured.
Green Zebra ~ Green stripe fancy-pants tomato.
Tigerella ~ Lovely orangey red skin, but risky as happier in a green house apparently.
Black Russian ~ I’ve got high hopes for these beef cakes, dark flesh and smoky flavour, oh yes!
Indigo Rose ~ The blackest tomato ever, and last years most fashionable tomato.
Coeur-de-Bue ~ I grew this beefy tom last year and it was lovely.
Gardener’s Delight ~ Cherry classic.


Dwarf Green Curled ~ Attractive dark green frilly leaves.
Redbor F1 Hybrid ~ Purple leaves that love cold weather, so great for ol’ Blighty.
Scarlet ~ Tall, dark green and red frilly leaves, that deepen with frost.
Russo White Russian ~ Grey/Green with white veins.
Russo Red Russian ~ This looks beautiful.
Cavola Nero ~ Everybody should grow this kale, so delicious.
Pentland Brigg ~ Good-looking and tastes like cabbage.
Dwarf Scarlet ~ Looks beaut!

~ Planting in March/April ~


Cosse Violette ~ Deep purple climbing French bean, with a long harvest.
Runner Sunset ~ Runner bean with delicate peachy flowers.


Tondo Chiaro di Nizza ~ Pretty looking pale-green courgettes about tennis ball size.
Tromboncino d’Albenga ~ Climbing, rude looking courgette.


Sunburst ~ Little yellow space saucers.
Honey Bear F1 Hybrid ~ Small, dark olive-green skin with orange flesh, so excited about these!
Sweet Dumpling ~ Lots of small squash that are great for stuffing.
Uchiki Kuri ~ A superior deep orange dude, with a distinctive chestnut flavour.
Crown Prince ~ Handsome steely blue/grey skin with orange flesh.


I’ll grow some salads and beets as well, but I’ll sow those directly when it gets a bit warmer.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”
Audrey Hepburn


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