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We heart Kate Moss

From the early days of Corinne Day to the latest from Tim Walker. We love Kate Moss because she’s from Croydon and she’s as cool as Fonzie, man. That is all.

Images. Tim Walker

Our London 2012 design heroes: Barber & Osgerby, HelloVon & Jonathan Glynn-Smith

You may have forgotten the fuss surrounding the launch of the logo,  missed the official Olympics 2012 posters or ignored graffiti artist MauMau‘s controversial Clown Town, but you can’t help but notice how London 2012 has been supported by a wealth of design treats by many of the UK’s finest creatives.

For us it started with the torch, as we’ve always loved Barber & Osgerby‘s stuff so we’re thrilled that their torch was such a triumph. We loved seeing HelloVon’s Paralympic Games illustrations on the tube and were moved by Director Tom Tagholm‘s powerful Meet the Superhumans for Channel 4.  There’s been bundles of good shots of Team GB, but I think it’s fashion glossy favourite and Londoner Jonathan Glynn-Smith that really captures the stars of the games at their super finest.

All homegrown and bang on top of their game in the build up to a very good-looking Olympics.
We heart London 2012.

Images. Jonathan Glynn-Smith

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Barber & Osgerby bring out the big guns.

Igor Emmerich’s Everyday Olympics

We’ve all done it… you watch the Rythmic Gymnastics and then resist the temptation to grab loo roll/tea towel/scarf (in order of preference) and twirl it round the living room or have a quick roly poly.

Igor Emmerich is a solid portrait and lifestyle photographer, fresh and unpretentious with a long list of big gun clients. But it’s his personal stuff that we really like and the Everyday Olympics is especially charming… complete with instructions, an ongoing peak into how you can take part at home, with fly swatting tennis and office basketball above. Wishing you’d thought of it before? Yeah me too.

Get your roly poly on…

Images. Igor Emmerich

Luke Stephenson’s beautiful beautiful birds

Oh my days. We make no secret of our obsession with all things bird, so we were floored by these stunning shots from London based photographer Luke Stephenson.

His latest labour of love “The Incomplete History of Show Birds”  is a collection of portraits grown from spending the last 2 years in the world of prize bird breeders. An absolute fascinating collection from the exotic to the humble, each perfectly paired with a complimentary background colour, that really shows off their personality. You can’t help but smile.

Finding these has made my day and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a book. Tweet tweet!

Via. Present&Correct
Images. Luke Stephenson

How did we not know about The Selby?

Oh my goodness. I think I’ve just found my new favourite pasttime… how did we not know about The Selby?

Todd Selby started a few years ago just taking photos of his creative friends pads and became so popular that people started approaching him and he now has a whole treat of peeks, from the characterful and unpolished or the much more posh Abigail Ahern. An absolute treat for nosey parkers.

Photos above both from the London homes of Celestine & Harry, Mike and Jen’s and below from Abigail & Philip which are also feature on the front page of the book.

Right, I’ve only just scratched the surface of this fun town, so I’m off to go and discover more. I may be some time…

Images. The Selby

Honest and fresh wedding photography from Marianne Taylor

London based Taylor’s approach is un-pretentious and honest. Her portfolio is divided into “I love” and “I do” for engagement and wedding photography and really seems to capture the heart of British couples today. Taylor’s philosophy is that there “is beauty in everything and everyone” and it shows with a very modern, but hearty and positive feel.

Images. Marianne Taylor {of course :-)}

Beautiful wedding rings from jewellery people Rust

Rust Jewellery

Rust is a local (Clerkenwell) and not so local (Japan) jewellers and at the beginning of the month they opened their wedding shop that shows off their beautiful wedding and engagement rings at Rust Wedding Jewellery. They are jewellery, vintage and photography people and I’m a big fan of her blog Junkaholic as well!

Adrian Samson’s Lily and Jeffrey

Adrian Samson

There is no denying that London based photographer, Adrian Samson takes a very good photo… but I think we all fell a bit in love at F&V when we saw his shots of Lily and Jeffrey. :-)

Liking the moody vibe at Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Really rather smitten with the photography from the Paul Smith S/S11 campaign, really dark, rich and moody… and no stripes! :-) Rock n Roll.

Back to the future with Irina Werning

Irina Werning

Irina Werning

Argentinian born photographer Irina Werning, studied Photography at Westminster and has really gone to town with her fascinating Back to the Future project. All things good… Check it.