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Richard Brendon’s fancy pants tea cups

Richard Brendon

We kept seeing these shiny beauties pop up around the London Design Festival and they’ve even been featured in the FT’s How to spend it directory! We can see why, as there’s a touch of genius from Richard Brendon with his golden reflect teacups, as they bring life back to the prettiest saucers, that have long lost they’re fancy cuppa partners.

Image. Richard Brendon

Polly George is well cool.

Polly George

Polly George

Polly George makes lovely stuff in English bone china in Kent, where I grew up. We love these porcelain butterfly necklaces and tea sets… and the ever so slightly weird Mr & Mrs Jones lemon and lime squeezer.

English eccentrity at its most stylish with Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern

Interior designer Abigail Ahern is right up our street…. I can’t believe we haven’t heard the name sooner. Her shop on Upper Street, Islington is an absolute treat. Particularly fond of her signature new range of lighting and the moose lamp. English eccentricity at its most stylish…

Celebrate the end of dry January in style…


Wouldn’t touch the stuff with a barge pole, but oh what lovely packaging of this limited edition Absinthe from Stranger & Stranger. Beautiful, Hideous, Angelic, Devilish (and Hammered). What do you give the person who has everything? Absinthe of course…

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Keeping it British at Glazenbrook

Glazenbrook Cutlery

Glazenbrook have long been offering quality silver and stainless steel cutlery… but we are particularly smitten with the Old English Fiddle & “Bone” range with it’s classically British edge. Timeless, stylish and you can imagine partnering with an elegant meal or using the knife to slather butter on a crumpet on a cold winters morning. Lush.

Bring out the cheese on a spade plate

hemDing Vintage

Love the idea of bringing out the cheese this Christmas on these platters by HemDing Vintage. All handles are old garden forks/spades so no two plates are the same. Very cool.


Refreshing approach at Knock Knock

Breakup Recover Kit

Refreshing approach to stationery and gifts at KnockKnock. Particular like the Personal Library Kit and the Breakup Recovery Kit. Can imagine many a teenage girl wearing the “heartbroken” bracelet with pride.


A modern day doily


Wow! Seen many a cupcake over the last few years, but Yummy Nice Baking are really pushing the boat out with these bad boys. Especially love the beautiful doily style cases with the white picket fence. Blimey, haven’t said the word “doily” for a while…

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Vintage heaven: tea cups

I’m collecting pairs of vintage tea cups… I like hunting for them and collecting different types, rather than buying a full set. Most of them I have found in Vintage Heaven on Columbia Road. You have to go fairly regularly as the turn around on stock is really fast, but this also means there is new stuff all the time. This shop is definitely in my black book.

Designer: Kyle Poff

Some elegant stuff coming from Kyle Poff, especially liking the FIVE brand and the wine packaging. Good work.

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